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We Help Residents Build Powerful Relationships

A well-connected community is a powerful community. We believe that bringing neighbors together to share their stories, testimonials and insights through social interactions are the key ingredients for creating lasting friendships. Just like social media, our content is mostly user generated. Unlike social media, we stand out in Leander - and that’s what our residents and business partners love. We are 100% relevant because it's Travisso's residents themselves who write and submit the content. We build on a foundation of intimacy and connect people based on what matters to them most: their families, their neighbors, their events, their clubs and their community. 


Our Residents are an Influential Force in Leander

We powerfully engage local businesses with our neighborhood through our private and unique style of branding, through social networking. This is where partners put their belief in the power of building strong relationships to work. The businesses we introduce are usually recommended by the residents and trusted through word-of-mouth referral. This is why they are seen as more than just solicitors - they are regarded as professional partners looking to build a relationship and they have the resident testimonials to back them up.


We Believe that Together we are Stronger

Over time, our partners become a part of the neighborhood "fabric" and trusted industry providers. Awareness, intimacy and trust are the key to gaining resident referrals, which is why together, we are stronger. Our team simply provides the opportunity for residents and local businesses to connect through the publication and digital branding through social media. If you're the type of business owner who believes in the Power of Community - one who wants to stand out from the crowd and wants to connect - and one who wants to be featured in our neighborhood - then this might be for you. 

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