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Genuine Relationships

We believe that people have an innate desire to connect. They want to belong. People want to be a part of something great and really want to love where they live. In Travisso, we believe our residents move into the neighborhood because they want to be a part of a strong community; one where people work, play, trust, and care about each other.  

We help cultivate integrated relationships. With every picture we share, story we tell, event we host, introduction we make, and business we recommend, we do so out of our belief in the community. When like-minded people come together and share their personal testimonials...magic happens. Together we are stronger. Together, we are building a better community

Social Networking

Our residents are some of the most socially connected people in the area. We host events to continually tap into this culture. We even include our business partners as event "sponsors" as often as possible. It's simple - the residents care about the local businesses who take an interest and care about them. 

Additionally, we connect business partners with one another, to further the word-of-mouth referral opportunity with other like-minded area professionals by offering B2B networking socials.

Resident Testimonials

"Thank you for this beautiful magazine. I have lived in Travisso since July of last year and have found this community to be incredibly open and friendly. I want to thank you and all your contributors at The Visso Life for your efforts to bring to the community a magazine that is appropriate, entertaining and functional". - Daniel M.

"Wow! And Wow again! I'm so certain I will love every issue of this monthly publication and can't wait to read each month's edition cover to cover". -Samantha R.

"You've done a great job with the magazine. I really love reading it". - Sarahbeth C.

"We're honored to have such a professional magazine that caters exclusively to Travissians (that's Travisso Residents)". - Scott A.

Business Partner Testimonials

"We got a call right after we went into the magazine in the first month. In the next month, we received three more calls and that's a pretty great outcome! Jen has been such a pleasure to work with and always available if I have questions". Kelli H., Made in the Shade Blinds 

"We have tried very diligently with our gym business to go 100% digital and found that it just doesn't work. Direct mail is painfully expensive and very broad, yet our corporate has returned to that media, albeit in reduced quantities, over the last several months. They are not 'on the ground' like I am. After analyzing the [latest campaign] ad results and assigning weight for the non-measurable results, we believe it's the right decision to continue with our community publication in addition to social media and direct mail. You are always helpful and we know you have our best interests in mind to achieve the most effective advertising for us, which of course is a win-win". Tim F, Gold's Gym

"This is a fantastic publication that fosters a passion for uniting people together not only through their magazine, but also through their fun networking events. Hats off to Jen Pizer and her team"! Megan D., Lantz's Lakeside Plumbing

"A fantastic local publication with compelling articles and relevant resources to enrich the lifestyles of Travisso residents". Danny T., Austin Bounce House Rentals

Another Leander Neighborhood Just Launched, in September 2019

Our newest north Austin area neighborhood, Crystal Falls Grand Mesa, has recently gone to print! Now, our business partners can target multiple neighborhoods in this fast-growing territory.