Building Relationships the Old-School Way

Connect with one of North Austin's premier neighborhoods and see how "We're Livin the Visso Life" in Travisso. 

The Power of Relationships

Stand Out from the Crowd


Our partners love that our content is mostly user generated - by our residents, for our residents - making it 100% relevant to this community. This means that it’s seen, shared and talked about month after month. Businesses stand out as a community partner taking an interest in the lives of the very people they are wanting to connect with. 

Personal Introductions


For our partners who believe in the power of face-to-face introductions, they love that they can personally engage with our residents and other business partners at neighborhood events. This is a powerful ingredient in the recipe for building a strong community. Our social network is rapidly growing as new homes are popping up every day!

Your Business Profile


 Let us tell your story! Give customers a reason to do business with YOU. We craft editorials to help our residents know who you are and what you do. Our featured businesses build their brand as a trusted community partner by sharing their story with the residents. This helps our partners gain trust and become a part of the fabric of our community.

The Bottom Line

We Promote Your Events


Are you hosting an anniversary, seasonal sale or open house? Tell us about it and we'll add it to our social calendar. We invite residents in our community whose community culture blends with your business culture, making for a great fit and powerful relationship foundation. Don't have an event on the books? Let's create one! Interestingly, the residents respond very well to scheduled field trips!

The Campaign


We do SO MUCH MORE than provide print ads on pages. We service our business partners with an integrated marketing campaign. Our partners love the additional value of brand-building we offer that comes from our resident ambassadors, social media, event promotion, professional editorials, and social gatherings that helps them become a trusted partner in our neighborhood network.

Lots of "Extras"


We help our residents by giving them multiple reasons to do business with you. What our business partners appreciate most is that we directly and relevantly connect them, month after month, with the community they want to be a part of and the people they want giving them more word-of-mouth referrals. And they know that we are the best way to do that because no other local promoter does w.